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eHDL is a leading e-health company  that provides a direct link  for providers and payers to health care and benefits information applying  e-commerce solutions. Through its subsidiaries, HealthNet Data Link (HDL), MedAdmin Solutions, and MedNet Solutions.  eHDL integrates “front-end” point of service transactions with “back-end” administrative processes. Integrated solutions are available through  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Resource Data Information (RDI) and  Managed Care Administrative Services (MCAS).   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) includes real-time electronic eligibility,physician practice management with electronic transactions, claims status and history, and provider identification.  Resource Data Information (RDI) offers credentialing as an NCQA certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO),  on-line healthcare provider directories and provider data management to managed care organizations, IPAs, health care facilities and managed care systems. Managed Care Administrative Services and System (MCASS) include claims adjudication, utilization and case management, member and provider services administration, benefit management, premium billing, reporting and plan administration as an Application Service Provider (ASP) or on a licensed  agreement basis.


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